Decompose and Adjust Patent Sales Prices for Patent Portfolio Valuation

This is an on-going research project that collects and analyzes market prices from patent portfolio transactions. Based on the newly acquired data, this project updates econometric pricing models for patent portfolio valuation. IPMAP owns the largest database of patent portfolio transactions in patent market, and has created a unique Augmented Market Approach (AMA) for patent portfolio valuation. Research results will be released periodically. For more details, please refer to the papers and articles published in Bloomberg Law, Law360 Expert Analysis, IAM Magazine, and Les Nouvelles.​

Split Marginal Value for Royalty Determination: A Build-up Model for Patent Valuation

Theoretical modeling has been completed; currently at the data search and collection stage.

Data Assets Valuation and Economics of Privacy and Security

  • Information economics and the economics of privacy and security
  • Valuation of data assets and data-intensive platforms/companies: the impact of laws and regulations in privacy and security



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