Transaction Decision

  • Sell vs. out-license & buy vs. in-license
  • Sell vs. transfer for monetization
  • Buy/sell: syndicated transaction vs. individual deal


Assertion/Litigation Decision

  • Cost/benefit & risk/return of assertion
  • Cost/benefit & risk/return of litigation
  • Cost/benefit & risk/return of settlement vs. court trial


Investment/Divestiture Decision

  • IP assets only vs. entire business
  • Entire portfolio of IPs vs. sub-portfolios
  • IP portfolio value vs. equity value
  • Distressed IP assets investment/Divestiture


IPMAP Decisions

NPE-specific Decision

  • Frivolous for nuisance settlement or viable for potentially large damage award
  • NPE litigation decisions: buy out the patents vs. settle for a license vs. go to trial
  • Deal with NPE vs. buy membership in a defensive aggregator