IPMAP was founded by Jack Lu, PhD, CFA, CIPP/US, an economist and financial analyst specializing in patents, trade secrets, data assets, and information security.

Developed from the team’s research and consulting over the past 30 years, IPMAP designs and implements strategies to monetize IP assets, promote information security, and facilitate market transactions.

IPMAP offers customized solutions and business advisories to all players in licensing market, transaction market, capital market, and litigation market.

It serves a wide variety of clients:

  • Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies
  • Individual inventors/IP owners and IP-intensive institutions
  • NPEs/patent aggregators and practicing companies
  • Law firms and investment banks
  • Equity investors and distressed assets investors

IPMAP partners with major law firms and research firms to better serve IP and information security markets. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, and analyzes IP and security challenges from economic, financial, legal, and technical perspectives. By synthesizing the insights from different perspectives, IPMAP offers actable solutions to today’s IP and security challenges.